Chess Boards and Pieces

I originally started on this project for practice but this has lead me to take this project further. I am currently working on my own chess game and therefore I wanted to make multiple skins e.g. Original Wood, Army, Marble etc.

In order to make my skins different, I experimented with the various nodes e.g. “normal maps” to give some of the textures depth. I used the “math” node to help define which pieces were black and white. I used the  “mapping” node on many of my textures to guarantee the sizing of the material are correct. All skins are baked and have been released to the Unity Asset Store.

I am currently working on my chess game with Joseph Doran, and this will be released in 2022.


Original Wood


Chess 4




Chess 2

Sci Fi

Chess 8


Chess 5
Chess 3
Chess 7