Coffee Cup and Donut

My Coffee Cup and Donut was my first project I ever worked on. I  made my animation by rendering 40 frames of my donut sliding into view. The 40 rendered pictures were then used in Blenders Video Editing where I rendered the animation.

The coffee cup was made transparent by adjusting a few nodes such as roughness, transmission and alpha. I also have a water droplet version which can be seen below.

The base of the donut was done using Texture Paint, this became my Image Texture. I used Sculpting to make the donut less smooth and more real-like. On top of this I used multiple nodes to give the donut more of a realistic feeling such as RGB Curves, Noise Texture, Math, ColourMap, Displacement etc.

With the icing, I kept it simple and just adjusted the principled BSDF to give it the glossy look. I used proportional editing to help the icing appear as dripping glaze icing.

Coffee and donut